Provigil 200mg

Provigil 200mg
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  • Generic Name : Modafinil
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  • Strength's : 200 Mg
  • Expire Date : 15 / 04 / 2021
  • Brand Name : Provigil
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Provigil 200 mg – Treatment For Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome

Internet has simplified life for all of us in many different ways. Now it is easy to purchase generic drugs online after gathering information regarding their use. People suffering sleep related problems depend on this drug to improve their condition. You need to however consult a doctor and know whether the pill suits your health condition. Medicines may sometimes react in certain special medical conditions.

  • What is Provigil Generic used for?

    Provigil 200 mg is a brand of Generic Modafinil. It is an oral drug which is used for improving wakefulness in patients with the feeling of excessive sleepiness. Provigil Generic is a boon to those who suffer from hindering sleep apnea syndrome. The drug works for narcoleptic patients and those who suffer from shift work disorder. This drug can improve your alertness, mental energy and even psychological performance.

    The medication is also noted for having a positive effect on individuals suffering from anxiety or depression. Provigil 200 mg Generic will help to refresh your mood. It is different in function from other types of central nervous system stimulants. The numbers of waking up symptoms that come with some of the other stimulants are very less of this drug. Side effects are also much less severe and described as fairly mild. If the patient is self-medicating with Generic Provigil Dosage and is using it without a prescription which is strongly not recommended, here the patient needs to be sure of not using any other medicine while he/she is on the Provigil (200 mg) Generic cycle. While using Provigil Dosage, look out carefully for any notable changes in your physical condition. In the case of any side effects, immediately notify your doctor. Patients who are using this medicine to treat narcolepsy should take one pill in the morning and the effects will last all day long.

    The patients who are using it to combat with shift work disorder may take it one hour before the shift. If your work shift is not regular on the same time, you should talk to your doctor about next steps. Generic Provigil 200 mg has a tendency of habit forming. So, do not exceed the recommended dosage and do not take it more often than advised by your doctor.

    Doctors used to recommend a dose of Provigil 200 mg Tablets for patients with narcolepsy is 200 mg oral dose once a day as a single dose. The dose can be up to 400 mg/day, considered as well tolerated. Yet there is no notable evidence that this dose provides additional benefit to that of the 200 mg/day dose. Some patients find that they only need 100 mg of Provigil Generic in order to see full benefits. For them, they can split a single tablet into two pieces as a smaller dose. Modafinil seems to be more selective than the other medications because it works chiefly on wake-elevating centers in the brain. It is thought that it has less chance to cause side effects of stimulation or cardiovascular effects than the other drugs.

    Drug Interactions with Modafinil:
    The medication Erythromycin and ketoconazole may increase the risk of Provigil 200mg ’s side effects. Carbamazepine, rifampin or phenobarbital may decrease the effectiveness of Provigil Modafinil. The side effects of diazepam, clomipramine, desipramine, hydantoins, propranolol, omeprazole and warfarin may be increased by taking Provigil Generic 200 mg. The effectiveness of cyclosporine, hormonal products such as birth control pills, hormone replacement therapies etc, quetiapine, midazolam, triazolam may be decreased by using Modafinil.

    Some medical conditions that may interfere with the action of Provigil 200 mg Generic:

    The patient should avoid using Provigil 200 mg Generic if he/she in the habit of regularly consuming alcohol or have an addiction to any narcotic drugs. If you have a past history of chest pains, irregular heartbeat or any other cardiac problems, you should avoid Provigil Dosage. The medication is only made for adults, teenagers and children should not use this medication. Women who are planning to be pregnant soon should also stay far of Generic Provigil Medication. If you have recently undergone any kind of surgery or if you have past history of suffering from any heart problems you should check with your doctor before using Provigil Smart Drug. The same connotes for those with a history of heart attacks, high blood pressure or any psychological illness including anxiety and depression. If you don’t think you fit into any of the categories as mentioned above, it is still a good idea to inform your doctor of any medical conditions that you may have and aware him with your medical record. Thus, you will be able to take a correct approach about it.

  • Safety Measures Associated with Provigil 200 mg Generic :

    Remember that Provigil Generic Tablet, just like any other drug, appears to be dangerous if you are unsure about what you’re doing.

    Patients should bring in the notice to their physician if they become pregnant or want to become pregnant during medication. Doctors concern patients regard to the potential risk of pregnancy when using steroidal contraceptives or implantable contraceptives with Provigil Generic 200 mg and to conceive one month after discontinuation of therapy. Though it is not proved yet that whether the main component of this drug, Modafinil, passes through breast milk or not, so it will be better to be safe from it if the woman feeds her baby.

  • Possible Side Effects of Provigil Generic Tablets :

    Side effects related to drugs cause severe and mild side issues and Provigil 200 mg is not an exception. This drug also develops some side effects in the consumer. Generally, they are gentle in nature but in some cases, this drug causes severe side effects which demand for medical treatment. Provigil Generic Dosage may develop some common problems such as a headache, upset stomach, dizziness, trouble sleeping, nausea and stuffy nose. Patients say that they are mild in nature and stays for a short time span. For any hardship of those effects or stays longer than expected then it’s better to meet a doctor. To some patients, some serious side effects are also seen with this pill. Some rare cases of experiencing serious troubles such as severe allergic reactions, swelling of mouth and lips, peeling or blistering of the skin, blisters in the nose and mouth, yellow patch on skin or eyes and fatigue. If any of these problems develop after consuming the medicine then do not neglect them and you must consult a doctor immediately.