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Causes of Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Male impotence issues can pose a significant threat to your love life. If you fail to satisfy your partner in bed, it can result in conflicts in relationships. We have all heard about different medicines like Viagra to tackle ED (erectile dysfunction) issues in men. The medication only helps to tackle the symptoms. You can Buy Viagra Online to eliminate the cause of ED issues. It is essential to understand why such health issues arise and pose a threat to love life. Here we have discussed in great detail what causes ED issues. Understanding the nuances of this condition will help you tackle it wisely.

Many Unrelated Causes that Lead to Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Issues in Men:

Most often, people do not understand what causes their ED issues, as the causes don’t seem connected. However, diverse factors impact each aspect of our health. These include physical, psychological, and lifestyle factors. Here we have tried to throw light on such various factors. Check them out and understand how they impact your reproductive life.

ED Physical Causes

ED occurs when:

  • The flow of blood into the penis is insufficient.
  • Many health conditions, such as clogged arteries, heart disease, excessive blood sugar (Diabetes), and smoking, can decrease blood flow to the penis.
  • An erection cannot cause the penis to retain blood.
  • A guy cannot maintain an erection if blood does not remain in the penis. Every age can experience this problem.
  • The penis does not receive nerve signals from the brain or spinal cord.
  • Specific disorders, trauma, or surgery in the pelvic region can damage nerves leading to the penis.
  • Diabetes can harm the penis’ nerves or induce small vessel disease.
  • The functionality of the penis can be impacted by cancer therapies close to the pelvis.
  • ED can result from the lower abdomen or pelvic cancer surgery and radiation. Men frequently develop ED after undergoing bladder, prostate, or colon cancer treatment. If they have any sexual health issues, cancer survivors should visit a urologist.
  • Erections may be negatively impacted by medications used to treat other medical conditions.
  • Individuals should consult their primary care physicians about medication’s adverse effects.

Existing Serious Health Issues

The PDE 5 hormone has to regulate the blood flow to all the body’s major organs. Proper blood circulation is vital to staying healthy. When the person has some health issue, the blood flow may not be sufficient to keep all the organs functioning smoothly. The PDE5 hormone then has a crucial role to play. It prevents the rush of blood into the male organ even when the man is aroused. It does this to guarantee that the body’s essential organs receive an adequate blood flow. This regulatory function of the hormone may cause temporary ED issues in men. Ordering Viagra 100mg Online is not the only solution to such ED issues. You must tackle the underlying health issue causing ED as a side effect. The problem could be related to the heart or other major organs of the body. Take steps to improve the health of these organs, and your ED issue will resolve automatically.

Issues Related to Body Weight

Research shows that men who are overweight and obese stand a higher chance of developing ED issues. The body’s metabolism is impacted by carrying much extra weight. It also brings on other health problems like diabetes and high blood pressure. The statistics also reveal that men who lack the necessary body weight are at a greater risk of developing ED issues than men with average body weight. Therefore, maintaining a healthy body weight ensures better reproductive health.

Addictions and Their Link with Male impotence

Studies show that addictions like smoking and drinking enhance the chances of developing erectile dysfunction. Smoking and tobacco use have several adverse effects on overall well-being. When you use tobacco, your respiratory system gets affected. The circulation of blood through the body is also impacted. The use of smoking also increases your vulnerability to different types of cancers. Impotence is just one of the many challenges you must face when you are addicted to smoking and drinking. Another dangerous addiction that may also increase the chances of ED issues is mobile addiction. Overuse of mobile phones has multiple psychological effects. They may affect your sleep patterns and cause more significant stress, eventually leading to ED issues. Get rid of addictions to lead a healthy reproductive life. You cannot benefit by looking for Cheap Cialis Online once you have ruined your reproductive health through such addictive habits.

Taboo and Its Psychological Impact

In many cultures, intercourse is regarded as taboo. They speak of physical intimacy in an unhealthy light. When children are raised in such cultures, they develop an aversion towards intimacy and nudity. This aversion prevents them from being attracted to the opposite sex. The psychological impact of such an aversion will result in ED issues. The ED issues arising from such psychological causes cannot be corrected using medicines. You will require counseling and psychological assistance to get over such ED issues.

Impotence as a Result of Conflicts in Relationships

Sometimes, impotence issues erupt from mutual conflicts. When the disputes remain unresolved for too long, it may result in a disinterest in intimacy towards the partner. The ED issues are temporary and a result of psychological causes. The right way to deal with such an issue is to consult a relationship counselor. He will discuss this with both partners and try to resolve existing conflicts. When bottled-up emotions are vented, your emotional or sexual numbness will vanish. You can then lead a happy love life with your partner.

Orientation Issues

Most people develop a sexual orientation as they grow up. They could be homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, or pansexual. If you are oriented to be homosexual, you will never be attracted to a person of the opposite gender. Your potency has nothing to do with this. The ED issues are the result of a different orientation. If you are differently oriented, you need to open up about the same. You must then find a partner to match your exposure so that you can lead a healthy love life. Don’t look for Cheap Viagra 100mg to correct ED issues if the issue is related to orientation. Viagra is only effective in tackling actual ED issues.

Lifestyle Challenges That Lead to ED Issues

Sometimes, a chronic unhealthy lifestyle eventually causes ED issues in men. Most people find it hard to digest when lifestyle habits cause ED issues. However, faulty lifestyle habits could be as harmful as addictions ruining your reproductive health.

Here are some classic examples to enlighten you.

  •  Poor Sleeping Habits

In busy city life, we often ignore the need for sleep. As a result, we sleep late and do not maintain a healthy sleep routine. An adult individual requires 6-8 hours of nighttime sleep. Poor sleep can hamper health and may also result in stress. ED issues may arise as a side effect of stress.

  • Sedentary Lifestyle

Our work life involves working for hours sitting at a desk. This sedentary lifestyle hampers our health. It can result in weight gain. High blood pressure and problems with heart health may result from this. Any such health issue can result in ED issues as a side effect.

  • Unhealthy Food Habits

Most people today consume a lot of processed foods and junk foods. These foods are not suitable for our system. The body reacts by causing multiple health issues. For example, junk foods can increase the body’s cholesterol levels, resulting in cardiac health issues, which may cause ED issues in men.


Chronic Stress

Work-related stress is every day in the USA. The workforce is continuously pressured to perform to their highest potential because of such fierce competition for available positions. This constant stress can hamper your body’s functioning. It may also result in ED issues in men.

You may buy Cheap Cialis Online for ED issues, but that is only a temporary solution:

  1. You need to eliminate the cause of ED issues.
  2. Stopping the lifestyle causes that eventually result in ED issues would be best.
  3. Correcting unhealthy habits will help you enjoy a long, healthy love life.