Modafinil 100mg

Modvigil 100mg
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Modafinil 100 mg Dosage to Tackle Sleep Issues

Proper sleep is important for good health. Any issues with regular sleep can affect your health and well being. Many people are unable to sleep peacefully due to their stressful work lives. In such situations, do not hesitate to consult a doctor. Modafinil Generic is a common medicine prescribed by the doctors to treat sleep issues. Here we have listed out all important facts associated with this medicine.

  • What is Modafinil?

    Modafinil is a prescription drug used to treat excessive daytime sleepiness caused by a condition called narcolepsy. It is also advised to treat shift work sleep disorder, which is excessive sleepiness during scheduled working hours. Modafinil is also recommended along with breathing devices, such as CPAP, or other treatments to treat and prevent excessive sleepiness that is caused by obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The drug is also used to improve cognitive function.

    Modafinil belongs to a class of drugs called wakefulness promoting agents, nootropics, or smart drugs. The exact mechanism of the drug is unknown; however, it is presumed that it works by altering the amounts of certain neurotransmitters in the brain that helps control sleep and wakefulness cycle.

    How should this medicine be used?

    Modafinil is available in the form of a conventional tablet that is to be taken orally. This smart drug is usually taken only once a day, with or without food. You will probably have to take this medicine in the morning if you want to take it to treat narcolepsy or prevent OSA. For treating shift work sleep disorder, you need to take Modafinil an hour before the start of your work shift.

    Make sure you take Modafinil at the same time each day without missing or skipping the dose. Do not alter the schedule with your own volition without talking to your physician. Check with your physician if you are ought to take Modafinil for work shift disorder. Follow all the instruction on your prescription carefully. Ask your physician to explain if you do not understand any part. Take this medicine exactly as advised.

    This nootropics agent may be a habit-forming drug. So, do not consume larger doses; do not take the prescribed dose more often or for a longer duration than recommended by your physician. Doing so may increase the risk of adverse effects.

    Remember that Modafinil Generic may reduce excessive sleepiness, but it will not cure any sleep disorder. Make sure you continue take Modafinil exactly as advised even if you feel well rested. Do not abruptly stop taking the drug without checking with your physician.

    It is important to follow your physician’s advice when it comes to good sleeping habits. If it has been prescribed in association with any breathing devices or other treatments, follow all the instructions carefully, particularly if you have OSA.

    Check with your physician about consuming grapefruits or grapefruit juice while you are taking Modafinil.

    If you forget to take your scheduled dose, you should skip that missed dose. Do not compensate that dose with an extra dose. Make sure you wait until the next dose you are supposed to take Modafinil, and then start following your normal dosing schedule. If you take the drug too late in the evening, you may find it a bit difficult to get back to sleep.

    What should I know about this medicine storage and disposal?

    Keep Modafinil tablets in the container and tightly closed. More importantly, keep the medicine out of reach of children. Store the tablets at room temperature, away from excess heat, sunlight, and moisture. Store Modafinil pills in a safe place so that nobody can take it intentionally or unintentionally. Make sure you keep a track on how many pills are left so that you will come to know if any pills are missing.

    Unused or unwanted Modafinil pills should be disposed of in a special way to ensure that children and other people cannot take them. However, you must not flush the pills down the toilet. Rather, the best way to dispose of outdated Modafinil pills is through a medicine take-back plan or a drugstore. Check with your pharmacist to learn and understand about take-back plans in your community pharmacy.

    It is very important to keep Generic Modafinil out of sight and reach of kids as many containers are not child-resistant and they can open them easily. Always lock safety caps and place the medicine in a secured place to protect kids from using it accidentally.

    What to do in case of emergency/overdose?

    In case of an overdose, immediately visit your nearest emergency room (ER). The signs and symptoms of an overdose may include difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep for a longer duration, agitation, restlessness, anxiety, confusion, hallucinations, nervousness, tremors, fast, slow, or pounding pulse, chest pain, nausea or vomiting, or diarrhea.

    What other information should I know about this medicine?

    Never let anyone else take your Modafinil pills. Giving away or selling Modafinil in the United States is against the law. It is important to ask your pharmacist any queries you have about refilling your prescription Modafinil. It is also important for you to keep a list of all your prescription and OTC (over-the-counter) drugs you are taking, and any health products including vitamins, minerals, and other dietary supplements. You should inform your physician about the medicines you take.

    What is the best dosage?

    Modafinil is available in 100 mg or 200 mg dosages, and the best dose is anywhere between 100 mg and 200 mg. The recommended dose of Modafinil for prescribed patients is 200mg, which is to be taken once a day, especially in the morning. It actually depends on the condition that an individual takes Modafinil. Typically, 100mg is often enough for significant cognitive improvement.

    Is this medicine safe?

    According to studies, Modafinil for narcolepsy, shift work disorder and cognitive enhancement, is safe when taken under the supervision of a medical professional. The researchers have found Modafinil Dosage to be safe with no preponderance for adverse effects or mood alterations.

    Is this medicine addictive?

    Modafinil 100mg is not a physically addictive drug and the chances of addiction are really low. The smart drug has been available as a prescription drug in the US since 1998. It is available in Europe since 1980 in Europe, and there are very rare cases of reported drug addiction. Psychological dependence may be more common if the drug is taken on a daily basis. Some have reported becoming accustomed to the effects to an extent that they find normal waking unsatisfactory.

    Is it safe to buy Modafinil online?

    Yes, it is safe unless you choose a reliable internet pharmacy, such as MyLocalPharma. Through this pharmacy, you can buy Modafinil online at a very competitive price discreetly and with complete medical confidentiality.

  • Before taking Generic Modafinil 100 mg Dosage, it is very important to tell your physician about your medical history. So, what are the things you need to inform your physician before using Modafinil pills. Prior to taking this smart drug tell you physician about following things:

    • Inform about any allergic reactions to drugs, including Modafinil, Armodafinil, or any other drugs.
    • Inform your physician or pharmacist about the prescription and nonprescription (OTC) medications, multivitamins, nutritional supplements, herbal products, or any other medical products you are taking.
    • Certain medications may interact with Modafinil 100mg, so make sure to tell your physician about every medication you are taking, even those that you take as needed. This is particularly important for your physician when it comes to changing the doses of Modafinil or monitoring you carefully for any adverse effects.
    • Inform your physician if you consume alcohol, use any street drugs or illicit drugs, have overused ant prescription drugs, including stimulants.
    • More importantly, tell your physician if you have had chest pain, an irregular pulse, or any other heart problem after taking a stimulant.
    • Inform whether you have or have had high blood pressure, a stroke, a heart attack, angina; a mental health issue, such as depression, mania, or psychosis, or liver/kidney dysfunction.
    • Modafinil may decrease the efficacy of hormonal contraceptives, such as birth control pills, rings, patches, implants, injections, and even intrauterine (IU) devices). So, use another form of contraception while taking Modafinil, such as a condom. Talk to your physician about other birth control methods that may work for you while you are on Modafinil treatment.
    • Inform your physician if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. Also, inform if you are breast-feeding. If you get pregnant while taking Modafinil, please check with your physician.
    • If you are supposed to undergo any surgical intervention, including dental surgery, inform a physician or dentist that you are on Modafinil therapy.
    • It is important to know that Modafinil Generic may mildly affect your thinking and judgment, and may not completely offer relief from sleepiness caused by your underlying proven. So, do not drive, ride or operate machinery while you are under the influence of this smart drug.
    • Be aware that you should avoid alcohol while undergoing treatment with Modafinil.
  • Modafinil Tablets may cause certain side effects. Immediately tell your physician if any unwanted symptoms occur or do not go away. The common side effects of
    Modafinil include:

    • Headache, dizziness, drowsiness
    • Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
    • Heartburn, nausea, diarrhea, constipation
    • Dry mouth, dehydration
    • Excessive thirst
    • Tight muscles or difficulty moving
    • Back pain
    • Confusion, uncontrollable shaking or tremors
    • Burning, tingling, or numbness
    • Difficulty seeing or eye pain

    Some side effects can be serious and if you experience them, call your physician immediately for medical attention. They include a skin rash, blisters, peeling of the skin, mouth sores, hives, itching, hoarseness, breathlessness, swelling of the face or throat, chest pain, abnormally excited mood, hallucinations, anxiety, depression, or suicidal thoughts.

    Modafinil may cause other side effects too. Immediately call your physician if you have any unusual issues while taking Modafinil.